Sustainability Report 2020

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Materials & Sourcing

"We want to play a substantial role in reducing our effect on the environment. To achieve this, we need our suppliers and business partners."

Danielle Blankenship (Greiner Bio-One) Import Specialist

The upstream stages of our value creation account for a significant share of our environmental impact. This relates mainly to the production of materials, which is the source of a large part of total emissions. If we want to reduce our environmental impact, we essentially have to do two things: Develop new, lower-emission materials with suppliers and business partners and substitute primary raw materials and increase use of secondary materials. To achieve both of these goals, we have been working closely with our suppliers for years and we are making our expectations as regards sustainability increasingly clear, for example through selection of suppliers.

Primary raw materials
Primary raw materials are natural, unprocessed resources extracted from nature. They include wood, wool, crude oil, iron ore and coal (see also secondary raw materials).
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