Sustainability Report 2020

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Our challenge: employees fit for the future

“The only way we will achieve what lies ahead of us is as a team.”

Astrid Heuzonter (Greiner Bio-One) Director of Global HR

The expertise and skills of our employees are the key to a sustainable future. Achieving the ambitious targets set out in Blue Plan requires their involvement and participation. They are experts in their field and know best what can be improved and made more sustainable. It is often simple ideas and observations that lead to significant changes. We want to prepare our employees for these changes as well as possible and at an early stage. We will therefore invest more than ever in training and education, push for occupational safety and health protection and step up our efforts in diversity.

Our goal

We want all our employees to be prepared for the challenges of the future by 2030.

Our targets


Average of 16 hours of training per year per employee by 2025.


Increase in share of female managers to 35 percent by 2025.


Reduction in frequency of serious work accidents by 50 percent by 2025.

Our performance


Average of 8 hours of training per year per employee in 2020.


27 percent of managers were female in 2020.


9 percent reduction in frequency of serious work accidents since 2018.