Sustainability Report 2020

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"Diversity means innovation, creativity and success. This can only be achieved with equal opportunities for everyone."

Barbara Desl (Greiner Packaging) Chief Financial Officer

Diversity enriches us

Gender, skin color, age – all people are unique and no one person is the same as another. Diversity and equality are the keys to success both in society and in the economy and are increasingly gaining in importance. Our differences make us stronger and diverse teams are more successful. We also want to promote and enjoy a diverse and inclusive company culture. This is because we believe diversity enriches us and we support it in all of its forms as it makes us more competitive and more robust. We consider different approaches, ways of thinking and actions the basis for our business success and a driver of sustainable growth.

Our goal

We want all our employees to be prepared for the challenges of the future by 2030.

Our targets


Women to account for 35 percent of management positions by 2025.


Women to account for 50 percent of all work areas outside production by 2025.

Our performance


Women accounted for 27 percent of management positions in 2020.


Women accounted for 43 percent of administration in 2020.

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