Sustainability Report 2020

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“Our corporate culture, which stresses long-term thinking and sustainable actions, is the most important driver of our social commitment.”

Gerda Damböck (NEVEON) Senior Communications Expert

Cooperation between business and society

From monetary donations and donations in kind to sponsoring social, sporting or cultural initiatives and own assistance projects, companies’ social commitment comes in all shapes and sizes. The motivation behind this cooperation is an understanding that no business or company can achieve economic success by itself, sealed off from society and its challenges. Companies are particularly well placed to offer help and support. As well as donating money, they can provide equipment, expertise, logistics or free services. Economics and social responsibility are not a contradiction in terms here. By contrast, taking on social responsibility has a positive effect on corporate culture, boosts the company’s image and also bolsters internal employee motivation and customer loyalty.

Our goal

To be a company that plays a substantial role in helping society develop.

Our targets


We aim to be a good neighbor and get involved wherever our company operates.

Our performance


We supported more than 200 projects across the world in 2020.

The job of logistics is to ensure the transport, storage, provision, procurement and distribution of goods, people, money, information and energy. This goes hand in hand with the need to manage and control all related tasks.
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