Sustainability Report 2020

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“Our knowledge and our skills are the foundation for our innovation and success. Lifelong, everyday learning is important.”

Petra Moser (Greiner AG) Assistant Apprentice Training

Lifelong learning makes us fit for the future

The world of work is changing rapidly. Especially in an age of Work 4.0, where machines will take over jobs in the future while also creating entirely new lines of work, new skills are vital. To remain competitive, companies will have to demonstrate their innovation, adapt to the latest technologies and compete with new products in shorter and shorter timescales. To do so, they need employees who are competent and eager to learn. In short, the necessary knowledge and the right skills will be the key to overcoming the challenges of the present and the future. As a company, we can play an active role in providing inclusive, equal and high-quality learning. Only through lifelong learning can our company be fit for the future.

Our goal

We want all our employees to be prepared for the challenges of the future by 2030.

Our targets


An average of 16 further education hours per employee per year by 2025.

Our performance


An average of 8 further education hours per employee in 2020.

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