Sustainability Report 2020

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“Water is a precious resource. Unfortunately, global water shortages are made worse by wastefulness. More and more people live in regions facing water shortages.”

Vasile Stefu (NEVEON) Foaming Manager

Stop wasting water!

There is in fact a plentiful supply of water on earth – almost 1.4 billion cubic kilometers in total. Yet only a small portion of this is usable. This is because around 97 percent of water on earth is salt water. Yet satisfying people’s consumption needs requires enormous quantities of water. Agriculture is particularly water-intensive and consumes 70 percent of our water resources. Industry uses a further 20 percent. As a result of our wasteful use of water, about 27 percent of the world’s population currently live in regions with potentially serious water scarcity.

Our goal

We want to be a fully circular business by 2030.

Our targets

By 2030

Reduce water consumption in areas with water risks.

By 2023

Create a water policy at all sites with water risks.

Our performance


Our water consumption has declined by 17 percent since 2018.

6 Sites

Six sites had a water policy in place in 2020.

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